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Lady Hennyssi

Lyricist/ Song Writer/ Promoter/ Model/ DJ/ Hostess/ Organizer/ Events Coordinator/ Marketing/ Business Consultant/ Founder/ Co-Founder/ Radio Station Director/ Radio Personality/CEO


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Lady Hennyssi, was born Ishia Smith on September 19th in Inglewood, California; which is where she was raised the majority of her life. She was given the name Lady Hennyssi by her aunt, who described her as an all around girl who had substance and left an impression....like the spirits we know as Hennessy. Some say they have been doing music since before they could speak and Hennyssi is definitely one of them. Being born into the business with a musically inclined family and the gift and talent bestowed upon her at birth, it was inevitable that Lady Hennyssi prospered in the Music Industry. At an early age, Lady began to write freestyle-doodling in notebooks and on pieces of papers. From there into her Junior High years, she began to make sense out of those doodled papers which later became poems about everything from life as a teenager to partying with friend to issues with boyfriends. As her talents were recognized, her peers began to request poetry from her with special emphasis, that later became classics within her peers. Lady Hennyssi realized her lyrical gift by the end of Jr High School years. Upon entering High School she began to write small passages which later turned into full blown songs. You could always catch Lady with some headphones on (Cassette-CD Player-IPod) playing so loud that you could sing right along with what she was listening to. Singing and dancing also came along with the many talents. Staring in elementary school, she always participated in everything from drill teams to pep squads to cheerleading. She was also known in some areas as the "ROLL CALL" Master. Different groups would come to her for a member roll call that was taught/learned and chanted across the city. At the age of 19, Lady Hennyssi decided to pursue a career as a Lyricist and takes her position in the Music Industry. In 1998, Lady Hennyssi made Houston, Texas her permanent residence and pressed harder towards her goals and dreams. She began by joining a record label called Power House Entertainment, where the birth of Lady Hennyssi da 1st Lady blossomed. Between then and now Lady has accomplished many dreams; from completing songs to performing across the states to coordinating venues for underground music. After a full blown life, children and traveling, today, Lady Hennyssi can be seen and heard in Houston, Texas and around the Globe via 101 The Foundation Radio. With rap as a foot in the door, Hennyssi has found her nitch in the "Biz" and is working diligently everyday behind the scenes for the underground world, developing new talent as they evolve in a music career. In 2009, Hennyssi teamed up with a very prominent DJ, then GO DJ DreamKast; together they have formed an alliance to bring greater opportunity to Undiscovered Talent. A business partnership developed under Entertainments 1st Choice, which brings Black Collar Music Group and The Lioness Den Coalition together under one roof. Later starting in Houston, Texas and evolving outward "Clarity Check" The Concert Series was founded; which was created as the next step for Undiscovered Talent to be discovered by the industry. Lady's music has been played on the likes of many Internet Radio Stations Worldwide. As the CEO of Entertainment's 1st Choice, Hennyssi has managed several artists careers, including her own. Lady Hennyssi is also the Founder of The Lioness Den Coalition, which was created for classy, strong and executive type women in the entertainment industry. The Lioness Den was created as a resource for women to network amongst each-other as they push forward and take a positive stand in the entertainment world. Sort of like the World Wide Web with a Sorority Feel. The Lioness began her latest mission as Co-Founder and Station Manager of 101 The Foundation Radio(Internet) along with her business partner and Founder of 101 The Foundation Radio, Anthony Alexander II in 2011. Now known as Mrs. Ishia Smith-Alexander II, Lady Hennyssi, is the machine behind the man, as they both put underground artists first. They Married after 4 years in 2013 and as of today, the "Wonder Twins" or "Power Couple", as many call them, still runs the businesses together. She is responsible for everything from assisting in the creation of the blueprints to the programming of the everyday broadcast to her very own personal monthly video blog newsletter on "ClarityVision 101" which is the attached online steaming 24/7 and LIVE television portion of Entertainments 1st Choice and/or her very own LIVE Radio Broadcast every Monday through Friday, 10am(central standard time ) called The Mid-Day Exposure LIVE w/ Lady Hennyssi... UnDiscovered Lady DJ Hennyssu, that is!

To top off Ishia "Lady Hennyssi" Smith-Alexander II's roster, spotlighting Professional Business Minded ladies from across the world is a major priority, as she is determined to walk as an positive example, instead of just speaking of it. Ishia stays involved in the underground community; while, at the same time leading and lending an encouraging positive hand in youth life and moral growth. She is known to always be available for inspiring motivated conversations and /or feedback with an open mind and humbly helps when she is able.

Lady Hennyssi is a TRUE Lioness.