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BlakcardATM is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, director motivational speaker, entrepreneur, marketing expert, and fashion designer. His style of music originally used high-pitched vocals samples from soul songs incorporated with drums and instruments. He later broadened his influences to include R&B, pop, trip hop, arena rocks, and country music to name a few.
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Rapper / Songwriter

O.N.E was created in Conroe TX, and when he was 10, he moved to the North Side of Houston TX. He consider himself an all around  artist. He writes and arranges music, all-in-all creating his own sound in the process. "I would be grateful to be put in a position to display my talents with the masses. Join the Life..."

Killa D

Artist / Song Writer

Dekarian “Killa D”  Ashley began his musical aspirations at 12 Years old, with only a Karaoke Machine and a microphone. Growing up, listening to great rap artists such a Boosie, Tupac, UGK, Webbie, Lil Wayne, B Gizzle and others inspired him. With so many negative influences in the world, Killa D decided to use his music as an escape to keep him from falling victim to the streets.  Shortly after relocating to Houston, Tx, Killa D attended various networking events, where he met industry professionals to help him further his career.



Singer / Songwriter

Indie Singer / Songwriter from Southeast Texas. Love and Happiness are his primary goals in music. His music locations are, Facebook, Sound Cloud, Instagram, and Reverbnation.
O.N.E- The Awakening

Mr. Wired Up

Musician / Band

Mr. Wired Up aka Shakelife Shawty has been tearing the strip clubs with his hard hitting music. His new single "Walked In" has been burning clubs from Texas to New York. The piano driven beat produced by E Digital has had the eye of many influential people. Not only is he an artist Mr. Wired Up is the Head DJ at Club Onyx Houston, so not only does he break records he also makes hit records.

Lady Hennyssi


Lady Hennyssi a Inglewood, California native; which she was born & raised. She was given the name Lady Hennyssi by her aunt, who described her as an all around girl who had substance and left an impression....like the spirits we know as Hennessy. Some say they have been doing music since before they could speak and Hennyssi is definitely one of them. Being born into the business with a musically inclined family and the gift and talent bestowed upon her at birth, it was inevitable that Lady Hennyssi prospered in the Music Industry.  At the age of 19, Lady Hennyssi decided to pursue a career as a Lyricist and takes her position in the Music Industry.
Walked In
Mr Wired Up
Lady Hennyssi/Richard Anthony/Anthony Alexander II (Single SHOTS)


Artist / Songwriter

He go by the name of "NOONEY", a artist from Houston TX, born & raised in the area of "South Park & The DeadEnd". He started making music at the age of 18 but, he actually started taking it serious after his cousin past away. "I make music on my real life experiences." He's traveled and performed a lot of places and "I just want people to hear my story."

M.ost R.espect'd

Ceo & Artist of R.espect'd Ent.

M.ost R.espect’d aka Chopp Tripper was born TROY ENSLEY in March of 1980. He grew up in the Edgehill Community on the south side of Nashville, TN. Being raised in a single parent home, the baby of three; M.R. used his personal experiences as expressions in collaboration with his passion for music. He later founded his own record label; R.ESPECT’D ENTERTAINMENT at the age of 18. In his music; he talks about his come up, hard times and life and times in the streets. His main motivation was to take care of his family and team, making sure everyone is eating and well. M.ost R.espect’d has always stuck and followed one rule he set for himself, and that’s “Family First”! Father of ten; 7 boys and 3 girls, M.R. speaks on his responsibilities a lot in his music.
KEEP HUSTLIN (official video)
M.ost R.espectd ft. Chye