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 DJ DreamKast



Founder/CEO/DJ/ A&R/Promoter/Producer/Recording-Mix-Master Engineer/Radio Personality 


Houston, Texas

(By way of Harlem, NY)


101 The Foundation Radio

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 Vision DreamKast's Journey... 

Anthony "GO DJ DreamKast" Alexander II  was born in Harlem, New York on November 20th; His parent decided to make Houston, Texas thier home by the time he was the age of five. The gift and love for music came at the early age of six. DreamKast was born into musical history, as his father was a talented keyboardist. From the age of Six to 12, his father taught him how to play the keyboard; his father was also apart of a local band. In 1995, DreamKast graduated from Evan E. Worthing High School before joining the United States Navy at the age of 18; where he served his country for 10 years. While in the Navy, his interest in music peaked even more. Along with his two brothers Justin Alexander and Quincy Bell,  together they created a production company called "Who Am I" Productions. After, departing the Navy DreamKast worked full time for Sony Playstation in San Diego, California. As a second job, he started to DJ for local nightclubs inlcuding Moon Doggies and Open Bar in Pacific Beach, California.

     In October 2005, as his Djing career was taking off, GO DJ Dreamkast...at the time known as DJ DreamKast moved back to Houston, Texas. DJ DreamKast decided to pursue his Djing career fulltime and also began to produce music tracks for local underground artists thru his production company. In November 2006, He joined a growing Houston based DJ coalition called "GO DJs"; where he became GO Producer DreamKast. In this position he continued to produce tracks for  local artists now thru his coalition as well as his production company. Once after showing off his DJing skills at a Houston night club called "Azteca" , the birth of "GO DJ DreamKast" manifested.

     From this point, GO DJ DreamKast's career sky rocketed and his sound was heard. Different nightclub owners and promoters around Houston started to book him for venues and events; even, fellow GO DJs' had him to open up for them at events and venues in Houston, Texas and sourrounding cities. Today, he is still very much apart of the GO DJ/GO Global Coalition and during his time with the GO DJs, DreamKast has held the positiion of A&R for the GO DJs as well.  

     In 2009, GO DJ DreamKast teamed up with two Internet Radio/Marketing Professionals: K-Nice and Antho to complete yet another goal he had set at an early age: Radio DJ and Personality. Together this team built a foundation for underground/undiscovered talent in Houston and sourrounding areas to be heard worldwide on 90.3 The Underground Hitlist or as most underground artists know it,  www.getmusictracks.com the hottest and #1 Rated Underground Internet Radio Station in Houston, Texas for the next 2 years. Over the course of  his affiliated time with 90.3, DreamKast built a fanbase to over 500K listeners worldwide beginning with the "Raw But Ready" Show and his hot celebrity interviews. DreamKast became a household name during this journey while keeping a record for the most active listeners during his weekly underground shows; where he was dedicated strictly to breaking underground artist and thier music worldwide.

Knowing that his journey must continue, GO DJ DreamKast decided to make a major career move by enrolling in one of the #1 Recording Engineering schools in the U.S. called MediaTech Institute in Houston, Texas. During his enrolled time at MTI, Dreamkast accomplished many goals such as enhancing his already musically inclined ears, training them to be tuned to the que for the right sound. He was determined to learn all that was being offered to learn in the business realm of entertainment, while at the same time succeding at graduating amongst the top of his class with a 3.2 GPA.

Now, focused and determind, GO DJ DreamKast's latest creation is 101 The Foundation Radio (Internet). Where he has created a viable and credible medium to which undiscovered artists can be heard worldwide while being treated as an already commercial artist.

DreamKast's Motto is..

"Providing Positive Education, Motivation and Clarification to underground artists' of every genre...starting with the first step...

A Foundation"



When DJ DreamKast go in on a radio mix, its something you have never heard before. DreamKast captivates his audience with his LIVE broadcast on 101 The Foundation Radio... Mondays thru Saturdays. He mixes and scratches on turn tables with real vinyl, bringing back the ol skool DJ style. You can catch some of the HOTTEST underground interviews around. Going by the saying,

"F*** your Swag, Get your CLARITY right"...

~DJ DreamKast

has created a foundation for all undiscovered talent to share from across the world in any genre wanting to be heard and noticed. Once he believes in your craft...he will push you like the majors..You can check out DJ DreamKast's archived shows anytime...or you can catch him all the way LIVE by clicking the "Foundation Radio Live" tab during his scheduled LIVE Broadcasts. Make sure you stop by 101 The Foundation Radio and hit the "Speak On It" message board and drop him a message. Tune In....You never know which journey he is gonna take you on......

DJ Dreamkast